I have had a passion for fitness for as long as I can remember. My parents’ sports successes and the development of healthy habits from an early age helped create my character and passion for sports. Being a footballer meant that sport was no longer just a part of my life, but a real addiction. Many years of winning matches, tournaments, medals, trophies, but also defeats and injuries have given me a lot of experience and helped me look at sport from a different perspective.

A complicated fracture shattered my dreams of a football career, but I still remained enthusiastic. My horned soul and ambition won’t let me give up. Through my active lifestyle I found other interests such as athletics, K1 and of course bodybuilding. The desire to continuously improve my strength, speed and body shape has driven me to work harder.

I graduated from the English Philology Department in Poznan, but a large part of my education took place in the USA. The American experience filled me with inspiration and the dream to recreate the American cult of the body and „fitness lifestyle” in Europe. Inspiring, motivating others and the desire to share experiences drove me to sign up for numerous courses and I became a personal trainer. Infecting others with my passion brings me pure joy and satisfaction every day. Accumulated knowledge and support from family and friends have helped me develop physically and mentally.

Fitness allows me to explore different parts of the world and meet many fascinating people. This new chapter of my life brings a lot of joy and I cannot wait to see what else it has to offer. My name is Adam Jankowski, and my fitness journey is still progressing …